Saturday, April 3, 2010

More on PhD (Pull Him Down)

It is a disease that has come to stay in this part of the world (Ghana). I told someone the other day I wonder if it is embedded in our genes. I just hate to discourage people from doing what I cant do yet that is what I see around me each and everyday.
In this part of the world, one has to motivate themselves if they want to embark on something. Looking for motivation from fellows will just keep you stuck or disappointed in doing a single thing. I am a self-motivated guy and I wish everyone is the same - a far-fetched wish.
Each individual is unique and everyone can't be me.
Just imagine this senario. Yesterday a guy told me they need more lecturers in their department yet the Senior lecturers intentionally hesitate to approve of thesis of upcoming young guys.
It is just a PhD attitude down here.
Bye folks.

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