Thursday, April 1, 2010

About Me

Hi everybody!
Sadart Abukari blogging here.
This is my first blog on blogger. I am a crazy programmer in Ghana. I code every language I see since programming is my hobby. I code, code and code no matter what anyone says about programming. Some crazy folks told me to stop coding since all the codes in the world have already been written.
It's kind of saying one should not cook since all the recipes in the world have already been prepared by someone.
I understand that is kind of Ghanaian behaviour. We have a "syndrome" coined "PhD"(Pull him Down). If a Ghanaian (should I say African?) can't do better than what the other person is doing they tend to discourage them. I wonder why they don't keep their mouth shut if they can't encourage them. This is a funny place to be.
I am not trynna paint Ghana black. Ghana is one of the most peaceful place to be. I might tell the secrets of peaceful existence in Ghana in another post. I gotta pause and code. A crazy idea is just springing up in my mind.

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